What is Srvd?

Srvd makes it easy to show different content on your website based on the visitors circumstances such as their location, web browser, screen size and more.

Show content based on:
* Location
* Language
* Number of visits
* Browser
* Screen size

Why use Srvd?

Srvd lets you personalise the experience on your website for your visitors. This means you can show content that will fit their behaviour and requirements in the best way.

This in turn could help you:
* Increase time on site
* Increase conversions
* Increase sales
* Improve customer satisfaction
* Reduce support queries


In built analytics shows you which of your placements has been triggered and how each is performing.


Unlimited placements

A placement is an area you want to show dynamic content. With a Srvd account, we don't limit the number of placements you can have.

Unlimited websites

When you create a placement with Srvd you can place it on your website, a sub domain or an entirely different website altogether.

PricingFull pricing to be released on launch!

What can Srvd do?See some example uses here